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The Women of Comics, Part 2

 (From Dork Tower, by John Kovalic)

Part of my MarsCon schedule includes a panel on Sunday afternoon with Cynthia Booth, called Fixing the Problem of Sexism in Comics & Related Media. I'm not going to go into this believing that I've got all of the answers, but I think I've got a couple: First, don't be that guy. Second, support mainstream comics and related media that are drawn, written and otherwise created by women. So, following up on an earlier post about The Women of Comics, I'm getting some more lists together that will hopefully help guide you to some of the cool creators out there.

1. Becky Cloonan (Known For: Batman, Northlanders, Victor Von Doom, American Virgin)

2. Camilla d'Errico (Known For: Nightmares & Fairy Tales, The New Bible, Burn, Sky Pirates)

3. Colleen Doran (Known For: Sandman, Wonder Woman, Legion of Superheroes, Teen Titans)

4. Amy Reeder (Known For: Batwoman, Madame Xanadu, Fool's Gold)

5. Jan Duursema (Known For: Star Wars comics, Many DC & Marvel Titles)