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  • Archived Interview: Stop the Reroute (Circa 1999)
    What follows is the transcript of an interview I conducted about 15 years ago, while working as the features editor for KVSC FM. It was originally broadcast January 12, 19
  • JagerCon: Legends
    In May, JagerCon will celebrate its roots by digging deep and unearthing some rare gems to honor some of the Twentieth Century's legendary sci-fi/action franchises. Mixing
  • The Current vs. Hip Hop
    A bunch of the artists who I would have picked as likely candidates for MPR's big hip-hop showcase at the Fitz have signed on to a letter asking for the station to take mo
  • Mein Kampf Manga and Other Weird Nazi Fetishism
    "Mein Kampf" is the latest publication in a collection of historical comic books called "Manga de Dokuha" ("Learn with manga") edited by the publishing firm East Press. Th
  • The Butt Cracks of Magic the Gathering
    I'm not sure what to make of this. It's the sort of thing one normally sees getting called out as Nerd-Shaming , with a healthy slathering of Fat-Shaming , but the people
  • Q&A With the Great Luke Ski
    Like I mentioned earlier, there was a lot of material that just didn't fit into the Vita.mn article. That includes pretty much everything this guy had to say. The Great Lu
  • The Women of Comics, Part 2
     (From Dork Tower , by John Kovalic) Part of my MarsCon schedule includes a panel on Sunday afternoon with Cynthia Booth, called Fixing the Problem of Sexism in Comics & R
  • Example of a Really Bad Promotional Piece
    There's some snark going around on social media about this album review from the Current . I'm going to go on record as saying I think it's a great album, and anything tha
  • My Best of Vita.MN, 2013
    In preparation for all of the Best Of lists that are bound to start going around the internet, I've looked back at my first year as an arts correspondent for Vita.mn and p
  • The Moth does "Creepy" this month at Amsterdam
    The last Wednesday of the month is October 30th, and the MPR-flavored Moth podcast will be back at Amsterdam for another round of storyslamming. I actually have a thing I
  • Messersmith's "Tourniquet" Free to Download
    MPR have put a new song by Jeremy Messersmith online to stream or download. I like this tune. It's a big departure from much of his past work but there's still this inhere

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