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  • Amazing Stories Relaunch Begins Tomorrow
    This is, well, amazing. The classic anthology magazine that helped launch the careers of a bunch of writers who are now considered classic authors in their own rights is r
  • Gina Torres Wonder Woman Fan Art
    The internet is often trying. When times get tough, I go to my happy place: a place where Gina Torres plays Wonder Woman in the highest-grossing, most critically acclaimed
  • MarsCon to Share Space With a Gun Show
    Minnesota SCI is, as far as I can tell, a gun show. I could be wrong. I've never been to a gun show. (Tried to go once, but there was a scheduling conflict.) Maybe it's mo
  • The Inspector Chronicles - Now With More Sylvester McCoy
    Last year, Travis Richey was on Kickstarter trying to raise money for season two of the awkwardly titled "Untitled Web Series About a Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Th
  • Inspector Spacetime Season 2 Trailer Online
    I'll be doing a write-up at Vita.MN this weekend about the role Christopher Jones is playing in the kickstarter campaign for season 2 of the Untitled Web Series About A Sp

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