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  • JagerCon: Legends
    In May, JagerCon will celebrate its roots by digging deep and unearthing some rare gems to honor some of the Twentieth Century's legendary sci-fi/action franchises. Mixing
  • An Open Request to Every Local Rapper
    The Jedi Council of Local Hip-Hop: Kevin Beacham, Toki Wright, Slug, Desdamona, Lioness and Guante convened with MPR music writer Andrea Swensson for an open meeting about
  • The Women of Comics, Part 2
     (From Dork Tower , by John Kovalic) Part of my MarsCon schedule includes a panel on Sunday afternoon with Cynthia Booth, called Fixing the Problem of Sexism in Comics & R
  • My Best of Vita.MN, 2013
    In preparation for all of the Best Of lists that are bound to start going around the internet, I've looked back at my first year as an arts correspondent for Vita.mn and p
  • Your Doctor Who Homework is Due by Next Saturday
    You are aware of the internet so, no doubt, you've already heard everyone raving about the new mini-episode going round the web as a prequel to the November 23rd Doctor Wh

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