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Wonder Woman Fan Film is Pretty Good

I finally got around to seeing the short Wonder Woman fan film everyone's been raving about, and I'm happy to report that there are no garish star-spangled panties anywhere to be seen.

And it is as visually impressive as they say. The visual effects, the bullet time and the CG monsters are all masterfully rendered. Some of the fire effects could be better, but I'm not going to fault anything that attains this level of quality on next to no budget and zero hope of recouping its losses over a couple of seconds' worth of CG flames.

The overall structure of the trailer, though, bothers me some. There's no real story being told here. It's just a series of visually stunning scenes. (Which, I guess is consistent with its being a DC fan film. They've tended for years to make visually stunning films which lack story.) So this trailer hits one of its targets. Having seen dozens of other fan film trailers that hit both marks dead on, I can't quite gush over this one as much.

Now this fan trailer for 'Grayson' is everything a fan trailer should be. In fact, it's everything a movie should be. I wish the studio would just make this.