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"Inspector Chronicles" Q&A Archived on Reddit

I'm really sorry I missed this: Travis Richey, Chase Masterson, Eric Loya and Nicholas Acosta did a Q&A on reddit Monday night.

(That picture up above, of Dan Harmon and Travis Richey posing together at a con, comes from the Inspector Spacetime Revisited tumblr.)

The crew answered a lot of questions from fans and dispensed some good advice while promoting the Inspector Chronicles movie project on reddit. They're only about $5k short of their indiegogo goal, so it looks like this is actually going down.

I find these guys fascinating because they don't give up: They've got a modest, loyal fanbase and they're going to do everything they can to get new material out to those fans. That's more than what most mere working actors (or artists of any kind, really,) do... In fact, it's more than I do sometimes, and I'm constantly working.

Entertainers who aspire to this level of dedication and professionalism are a rare thing, and I'm glad to see all of the support they're getting. You can read an archive of the whole thing on reddit.

One of the best bits of advice, I think, came from Eric Loya, (who was asked, incidentally enough, about the best advice he's ever gotten:)

"Always be working. Do the thing. Do what excites you, and trust that the audience that will be best affected by your work will find it."

Which is great advice for anyone in any field, creative or otherwise.