March 16, 2012
By Rob Callahan

Rob Callahan at MarsCon 2012, photo by Dave Stagner Photography

 (Dave Stagner Photography)

Rob Callahan is widely known for both his work in journalism and his fiction. He also worked as a question writer for the annual KVSC 50 hour trivia competition from 2004 to 2012, and as the host of Geek Date Night, a pub quiz for smart kids, in Minneapolis from 2009 to 2017.

Rob Callahan's work as a live storyteller has been broadcast on Minnesota Public Radio and KFAI in Minneapolis, and he has performed on the MPR stage at the Minnesota State Fair. He was also a core member of the Minneapolis entertainment collective, the Rockstar Storytellers until the group disbanded in 2015.

Rob Callahan is a recurring guest and speaker at several Midwest science fiction and fantasy conventions. He was a guest of honor at MarsCon 2012, special guest at Diversicon in 2015, he introduced John Scalzi at Minicon 46, and he spoke about the history of science fiction and fantasy literature in Minnesota for the State Historical Society's History of Hip series.

In 2011, he wrote and performed the prose portion of Czeslaw's Loop, Act Three: Creation. The performance was conducted by Minneapolis producer Chris Strouth. Callahan and Strouth had previously worked together to record "The Limbo Clipper" for Jeremy Messersmith's Reluctant Graveyard remix album. He wrote and produced a one man show, Idiosynchronicity, for the 2010 Minnesota Fringe Festival, and co-wrote The Last Ditch with Allegra Lingo the following year.

He was a contributor and columnist for l'etoile Magazine from 2009 to 2012, as well as an Arts & Entertainment reporter for Vita.mn from 2012 until the paper stopped printing in 2015. He then finished out his contract as a music reporter for Vita.mn's sister publication, City Pages.

His first short story collection, Damaged Goods, was self-published as an eBook in 2004 and in print two years later. His novel, Hellbound Snowballs, was released by Raised All Wrong Publications in 2008. In 2011, he released the limited edition chapbook, Grave Whisperer & Other Tales. His 2012 book, A Wish Upon a Fallen Sky, combines some re-edited stories from his previous collections with some new and previously unpublished work. In 2018, he completed the sequel to Hellbound Snowballs, titled The Hidden City (Volume I: The Devil's Descent) before deprioritizing fiction writing in order to focus on language and culture revitalization among Native youth in Minneapolis.

To date, he lists his favorite published work of fiction as "Every Act of Creation is a Self Portrait." This story originally appeared in the 2006 Sinister Bedfellows anthology, which collected short stories based on the online comic strip of the same name. It is reprinted in A Wish Upon a Fallen Sky.

He is the host of Indigenous Roots, a weekly broadcast radio program focused on contemporary Native American and North American Indigenous music and current events. In his spare time he develops children's software for use with Ojibwe students in language immersion.

"Damaged Goods" (2004/2006) - Short story collection, independently published. Out of print.

"Hellbound Snowballs" (2008) - Novel, published by Raised All Wrong Press.

"Six Stories" (2008) - Chapbook containing short stories, independently published. Distributed free at CONvergence 2009. Out of print.

"PENT" (2010) - Chapbook containing 140 character stories, originally written as twitter content. Distributed free at CONvergence 2010. Out of print.

"Grave Whisperer & Other Tales" (2011) Chapbook containing short stories and illustrations by Whittney A. Streeter. Limited edition, sold out during Summer, 2011. Out of print.

"A Wish Upon a Fallen Sky" (2012) Short story collection, independently published. Contains the entire "PENT" chapbook as an Appendix.